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The Value of Strategic Investors

Throughout my career, I have worked extensively with private equity firms, venture capital firms, hedge funds, family investment offices and high net worth individuals (HNWI’s) to raise investment capital for entrepreneurs, start-ups and growing businesses. These financial firms and executives are in the business of making investments in companies and realizing a return on their investments – their goal to identify private companies with attractive future growth opportunities and durable …Read More

Small Business Funding Insights & More!

There are many intricacies that must be considered when you’re considering start-up business loans or funding for small business (or mid-size business) at any point in your operations. Do you pursue traditional small business funding? And, if so, what are the risks associated with such funding – including terms of the loan and potential for long term profitability? Or do you consider private investors – or private money lenders; and, …Read More

Welcome to My Blog

For those of you who have followed previous forums to which I have contributed the occasional blog, you will know that my business and personal interests, as well as my opinions, are broad ranging and at times effusive. This is not to say that I regularly espouse views which are intentionally controversial or inflammatory, however from time to time you may find that my opinions, on matters such as business …Read More

Selling: More Than Just the Close

Over the years, I have come across many methodologies, techniques and theories on the art of successful selling, be it selling a company’s product or service, a real estate property, an investment proposal to an investment banker, or trying to sell your own skills and virtues to a prospective employer. I have found that, all to often, individuals expend considerable time and effort “preparing for the closing pitch” as opposed …Read More

Apple vs. Samsung Blog Update

Last year, I authored a short blog (the text of which is below) relating to the ongoing litigation between Apple and Samsung, on the website of a technology company in which I owned a minority ownership stake. In reviewing it recently, I thought it would be worthwhile posting a quick update on the trial outcome, and subsequent USPTO decisions, which I think demonstrates further how complicated the matter of patent …Read More